Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little did I know

So, little did I know that when I wrote that last entry, it would be my last for months and months! I am sorry about that! I would have tried to write something more meaningful and goodbye-like. That being said, if there are any readers still out there, I am guessing that this may be my last post or next to last or something like that. Life has gotten too crazy. It literally went nuts. I have no time to go potty, let alone post and the little time I do get onthe computer, I am too busy trying to check out how everyone else is doing! So, things here are wonderful. We've moved to a bigger house, love it, have 3 absolutely beautiful girls. Teagan is doing wonderfully and really loves and cuddles her little sisters a lot. Hannah is laid back, mellow and unwilling to try to learn to crawl, though she is very talkative, and Seane is my little monster...crawling and attacking everything without reserve, she is really something to marvel at. It is wonderful having 3 completely different personalities, all wonderful in their own way. I can't even begin to say how blessed I am. Though I am exhausted, still breastfeeding, running around after all three of them all day, life has never been better. Brett and I need some alone time at some point, but for now, we find it when we put the girls to bed early and collapse on the couch:-)

Thank you all for being such great friends and supporters. I will continue to try to check in with you all on your journeys. Hugs!


PJ said...

Awww... so glad to hear from you! Of course you're busy with three children. How could you not be!

Three kids. Could you ever even imagine? Especially when you were in the middle of all that you went through?

SO incredibly happy for you!

evanskl4 said...

Your girls are adorable! So happy for you. Best of luck in the future :)

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