Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out of the loop

So, I've been MIA, not only because I am incredibly busy lately, but also because of those knees! They kept me out of the basement office until just all of my email/internet/etc has been via my iphone and I haven't had the effort to update here. It looks like the hormones that release your hips for childbirth also released my knees so I had major soft tissue injury to my knees, got an MRI the day after the twins were born and was put on crutches with strict instructions to stay off it...well, I live in a split level and had newborn twins and a toddler so you can only imagine the amount of times I rehurt it. It was so bad that at one point, my husband was away and I got out of bed to check on the babies and fell, pulling the bedroom curtains down on top of me and then proceeded to be unable to get up again. My knees just were incredibly painful and weak and wouldn't actually hold me up. Three months later and they can hold weight but I still can't fully bend or straighten the left one...I am going to they gym since I am allowed to ride a stationary bike and maybe swim (trying this week) but I really am praying they get back to 100% soon! This has been the hardest thing ever.

That being said, my family is amazing! The girls are all wonderful...although all three are currently sick and mommy is tired. They were healthy from day one and have been wonderful nursers so I haven't yet had to supplement, but, alternatively, I have no time to pump so I am just starting to be able to leave them for longer than an hour here and there (which is mostly okay with me). DH and I had one date night so far and it was wonderful and I am looking forward to more in the future. We are house hunting and found a big, beautiful house not too far from here that we are likely to be moving into in a few weeks...this house got small very very fast:-) I am constantly tired but constantly in awe of how fast they grow, how different they are (looks and personality...they are amazing), how loving Teagan is and how smart she is getting. There is so much for me to be thankful for. I guess that is something...just a few years ago I thought I would never have a baby of my own, and was told by my doctor that I would never carry a baby myself...and here I am, 3 years later, with three beautiful daughters!

I have a ton of pictures but not on this computer. I will try to post a bunch later or tomorrow but I thought I'd give an update anyway. I miss all of you and am trying to keep up with what is going on with all of you. I've finally emerged from the stress and funk that accompanied the intense pain and inactivity that the knee caused. I can't even describe how that impacted me emotionally as well as physically...I didn't have PPD but definitely struggled with my inability to do anything with Teagan, carry my own babies up and down stairs, etc. It was HARD.


MyTwoLines said...

Wow--I am so sorry about your knees, that sounds horrible. I cannot imagine taking care of three kiddos disabled by intense knee pain. Kudos to you for keeping it all together!
Can't wait to see some pics!

LisainSK said...

OMG...that sounds brutally tough!! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Thanks for the update!! New house, new!! No kidding, you're busy.

Hope in Virginia said...

I cannot IMAGINE dealing with newborn TWINS while on crutches. Throw in a toddler...and WOW! You poor thing. Sounds like you've managed awesome! Can't wait to see pictures.

Pie said...

Good to hear from you- but ugh, those knees sound awful. yet another thing nobody tells you about pregnancy! three kids AND crutches? you deserve the mom of the year award!!

PJ said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to hear from you! And I'm so, so sorry to hear about your knees. Incredible. I can't even imagine. It is amazing-the residual effects of carrying twins. During my pregnancy I developed hip bursitus, and my hips still bother me if I lie on my side for any length of time. Plus my feet were so swollen, and the docs kept saying that they would be normal after pregnancy - nope. The right one is still numb on the top. And don't even get me started on my bladdar! TMI?

And I did get PDD. I still can't believe that happened to me. Hormones...

But yes, SOOOO so blessed! All that heartache for so long, and now look at how things can change!!! Happy ending/new beginning!

Yep. That was cheesy. :) Glad to hear from ya, take care.