Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Still here. Have a ton to post but am too busy lately...and rarely get on the computer to write a post b/c I have to go down stairs to do it and my only real pregnancy complaint at this point is incredibly painful knees. I am actually worried they won't hold me up much longer. Hopefully, more later...and soon, an announcement!


Anonymous said...

Sue, congrats on 37w3d! I have been swamped with work and not checking blogs or IVFC-- so excited for you and will be checking in for updates for sure now :-)

Connie in SF
sp08 on IVFC

LisainSK said...

I was just thinking about you...wondering if the big announcement is within days...yup...pretty darn soon! Hang in there!

Rebecca said...

Yea - it's getting so close! Looking forward to your announcement.

And, no offense taken at all. I know all of your encouragement is because you want me to enjoy this. I just don't want people to think I'm all doom-and-gloom. And you are right, there is excitement between the lines. :-)

MyTwoLines said...

Way to go getting so far! I am sorry about your knees, that sounds agonizing. Can't wait for your big announcement!

Hope in Virginia said...

Anxiously awaiting the big announcement!