Monday, August 8, 2011

Moms of multiples are freaks of nature

I know a lot of people have probably seen this video, its been around a lot. I just had to repost it. So ridiculously true.


Paula (aka PJ) said...

Yep! So funny, right? :)

Laura Ryan Caden Will said...

i have to delurk now after seeing this.

oh my word!!! I have never seen this and yet it is so true!!!

Thanks for posting it. I had one set of natural twins that we lost at 20 weeks and am now 23 weeks prego with a set of IVF twins (we just found out we lost one). I'm amazed at the questions I get asked. Especially by complete strangers. I may have to use some of her responses. That will shut them up. :)

Rebecca said...

You were probably thinking the u/s was supposed to be today because the first official appointment 2 weeks ago was on a Thursday. And then last week's was supposed to be on Friday, but because of the unexpected bleeding, that one wound up moving up to Thursday, too. So you're not going crazy. :-)