Friday, April 8, 2011

The twins and their big sis

So, we had another ultrasound on Wednesday. This time with the OB, who I am immediately leaving and finding another doctor ASAP. The ultrasound went well...the big baby in front is baby A who is very clear and more towards the front in my very tipped to the back uterus. The baby to the right (blurry) is baby B. Aren't they cute? They are right on top of each other already but both have nice big mansions for the moment:-)

The OB appointment went down hill from there. I only saw the nurse practitioner...we waited an hour to be seen, found out I've been assigned to the NP and not likely to see the doctor at all anymore, she didn't ask me any history questions or if I am on any meds, did my pap and pelvic exam and couldn't get to my cervix (this has NEVER happened before). She proceded to dig around for 10 minutes with the metal speculum looking for it, until I sat up and told her to stop, but, luckily, by then, she had gotten the pap b/c I was close to telling her to get the hell away from me with her metal torture devices. She actually had the nerve to suggest that I was deformed down there (Are you a DES baby?) b/c she couldn't do what doctors and nurses have been doing for YEARS (I mean, come on people, I did infertility, EVERYONE has had a hand down there). Not to mention, my daughter was held in by that cervix and then birthed through it so I'm sure it exists and it works properly! It was awful. She was weird about prescribing prenatal vitamins but then asked me about nausea as she reached for her pad to write me an anti nausea script! I was like, yes, I'm sick but I am doing ok, but can I get a prenatal, please! I left with no prescriptions. Anyway, I already found another doc and have an appt in 2 weeks. Ugh.

On another note, we got some cute pics of Teagan done for her first birthday...I"ll put one here. She is the sweetest, cutest, most loving thing. Lately, she's started dancing in circles in the family room...its so cute, I'm dying to get it on tape but she is such a ham that as soon as she sees the phone or camera, she smiles and runs for it and I don't get any dancing on film!


PJ said...

Oh my goshhh, that is an adorable picture! Great idea, with the letters!

The twins will love their spacious bubbles for a while. :) I remember our 10 month appointment, they were all swimmy in there, kicking at one another. What an amazing bond they have, from the very beginning.

I'm so glad you got another doctor.

I just did GNC's Prenatal with Iron. And, I was on Zofran from about 9 or 10 weeks, I guess for the nausea.

I am so tickled for you!!!

Barefoot said...

I'v apparently had my head up my own behind and missed your fantastic twin news. Congrats!! So glad to hear that things are looking good and that you've found yourself a new doctor.

MyTwoLines said...

Adorable photos all around!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute indeed!!

Hope in Virginia said...

A bad OB experience is definitely not worth it especially with how much you are going to be going later on. Sounds like you had a moron NP! But it's great to see the babies floating happily in their mansions. They are going to run out of space soon :)

And what a cute picture of Teagan. So sweet holding up the "O" And definitely post some video if you get it. Emma does the same thing - comes to me as soon as she sees the video camera.

Kris said...

Super cute pic of Teagan! What a great idea to use the letters! Sorry you had such an awful experience at the OB, but I am so glad you found a new one!!

Me said...

Your daughter is adorable! I am late in wishing you congrats on the twins but wanted to do it just the same. I am 6 months out from the birth of one and still reeling - you are a braver and stronger woman than I venture into the land of 3 under 2. But I am sure you will do great! :)

Caroline said...

Hi there,

I love the photos of T - she is such a cutie.

My RE only allows single embryo transfers unless there is a good reason for more. I don't know what I would do if I were given the option. I would probably go for two embryos like you, and just adjust if it turned out to be twins.
I'm sure you'll be a great Mom to the three little ones. It will be hard but so rewarding in the end.

Who would have thought a few years ago that you'd have three little ones! IVF is a crazy ride.

Lisa said...

Oh Sue! That is AMAZING NEWS!

You're pregnant with twins!

Congratulations, what a blessing. Can you beleive after all these years you have the family of your dreams. Enjoy every moment.

Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy!

We are headed to Denver this weekend for our one day work-up. I think we have decided to try it again and this story gives me chills (in a good way)

PJ said...

OK, responding to your April 4th appointment now! Sorry I missed it.

I'm sooooo excited for you!

How are you feeling?

Yes, on the minivan! One with auto doors and captain's chairs. We had an SUV at first, and our life got so much easier with the minivan. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan that we like.

So, I found with the Barbara Luke book, as with a LOT of advice that I got, to pick and choose what works best for you. I thought her food plan was good in theory, but I found it incredibly difficult to follow. I'd have been eating around the clock if I followed it to a T. I'd say just try to eat healthfully, lots of protein and try to hit all of the food groups. You are probably already doing that. Otherwise though, it is a really good book and was probably the most helpful out of a bunch that I aquired.

You did such a beautiful job with Teagan, I'm sure you'll rock the twin pregnancy!