Thursday, July 29, 2010

Much better...and a new family member!!!!

I am posting a lot this week because I've been feverishly researching remedies for engorgement online:-) But, I am very happy to say that things have gotten better!!! On Tuesday my breasts were going to explode - horribly painful, hard and starting to get red and hot. I got nervous about mastitis and called my doctor. They recommended all of the stuff I was already doing - Advil, Sage tea, and cabbage leaves in the bra (yes, I walked around smelling like an aging eastern European peasant!) and they told me to make an appointment for Wednesday. By Tuesday night I was getting nervous about the redness, pain and heat so I caved and pumped 2 oz only from each breast. Miraculously, it all got better...redness went away, heat stopped, and they weren't so hard. I woke up Wednesday a new woman...they didn't fill up again! So, I cancelled my appointment and have since been doing really well....they are slowly deflating, which is somewhat mortifying.

In the meantime, Teagan is doing great on a mixture of half formula and half breastmilk. I am going to try out two formulas (both incredibly similar) to see which one I like better and which one she likes better. They are Earth's Best and Baby's Only. Each of them has their own benefits so it really is up to taste and price. She doesn't mind the bottle at all but I still have a hard time sometimes when the bottle doesn't warm fast enough and she tries to root towards my breast. I have a flash of guilt and sadness...I truly can't believe how hard this has been to do. Maybe if breastfeeding was painful or I hated doing it...but I miss it so much. At least it is a consolation that Teagan doesn't seem to be all that affected by the change. Although, Brett sure is because I need his help to get the bottle warm at the 2:30 AM feedings! She does sleep well but we have a schedule so that she is asleep at 7:15 or she wakes up around 2:30 to eat a bottle and then sleeps usually until the morning. Technically that is "sleeping through the night," I guess, though it doesn't feel like it!!!!

We have a new family member! Brett's sister had a baby yesterday - a little baby girl, who we are dying to meet! So, my brother and his wife had a baby boy 2 days after Teagan was born (they have 2 girls already) and Brett's sis had a baby girl about 5 months after great is that? 2 new cousins instantaneously! Holidays are going to be so much fun!

Also, there is a new development and I'll leave you with a picture of it. Teagan is sitting up on her own already! She kind of does things in a strange order....not linear, really. So, out of nowhere she can now sit up on her own for about 5-7 minutes and then it is Timber!!!! are some pics...

Swimming with mommy in the lake up the road...

What is this??? She actually tried to taste it and Brett had to quickly move her little head away from the water:-)


Hope in Virginia said...

I am so happy that the breasts are deflating properly :) That must be such a hard process to go through and I dread having to do it. It's great though that Teagan seems to be handling the change a-ok, even if it is hard on mommy.

And, wow, first, she is just beautiful. That first picture...she looks like a Gerber baby. Second, very impressive. I didn't think babies could sit up that early. Very advanced! That must make things very different. I think Emma would love to be able to sit up because she hates laying flat and always tries to sit up when on her playmat. Gives the baby a whole new perspective on the world.

Amber said...

So glad your boobs didn't explode! Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here on out!

Look at your little Big Girl! Go Teagan! Marius only sits up for like a minute before he topples over. Teagan should come over and be his personal trainer! lol

Speaking of which, you and Teagan should totally take a day trip out here on the train after we get settled into our new house, since we're like 2 blocks from the train station. I'm sure Marius would love to hang out with a cute girl ;)

kayjay said...

First of all - those pictures of Teagan are SO CUTE!!! What a doll! I can't believe she's already sitting up as my two are still like rag dolls when you sit them up so she's very advanced for her age! I'm sorry you had to give up BF and I understand how hard that must be for you. The engorgement isn't fun but it sounds like your breasts are starting to figure things out and are not in crazy production mode anymore.

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

Great idea to pump a little. Was that mother's intuition or did you read that online? You must feel like a million bucks compared to earlier in the week.

Teagan DOES look like a Gerber baby! Love that arm behind the head pose. Little charmer already, huh? You two look darling in the lake.


Jill M. said...

I just read in my Baby 411 book on how to wean and it talks about gradually cutting out feedings and only pumping enough to relieve the pressure, not sure if you have this book or not.

Teagan is sooo cute, yeah Teagan for sitting up!