Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day...early or delayed

My first mother's day was great...if only for the fact that this year I got to relish being a mommy. In the past, I haven't really focused on mother's day. It wasn't one of those days that really bothered me in terms of being infertile. I was much more stressed on days like Christmas (no young kids for santa!) and Easter (easter egg hunts!) and even my birthday (getting older and no kids), but mother's day wasn't even a blip. However, this year was really great, even if the day itself was a disaster! We woke up to snow. Yes, that's right. Not just flurries...full on snow with about a half inch on the ground. The funny thing is that every spring as people here start getting excited about the nice, warm, sunny days you constantly hear a chant of "don't get too excited, its snowed on Mother's Day before". I mean, it is beaten into your brain in the spring. And, well, there it was! Brett works for the utility so the snow, combined with lots of wind since Saturday, meant he worked Saturday afternoon into late night, early Sunday morning and all the way to noon...then at about 4pm he had to get in the car and drive a few states over for a business trip (that the corporate jet was overbooked for, thus the 5 hours driving). So, Mothers day for me was waking up early with Teagan but bringing her into our bed to snuggle (which was great), getting 2 beautiful cards, waiting for Brett while he was on a conference call, cancelling breakfast for that reason, making myself pancakes, getting to church and then some lunch, shoe shopping and waving goodbye to Brett. There was also a brief visit with my mom to drop off a gift. This may sound bitchy that I didn't do something more for my mom...but I asked her if we could take her out to breakfast before church and she said "no" and then when I told her I wanted to give her her gift, she got snotty and asked why I even got her anything...so I didn't do anything special. Ugh. Anyway....

Brett made my weekend great anyway. He knew there was likely to be storms all weekend so on Friday, I received a beautiful pink bouquet of roses from Teagan:-) He then took me out for sushi that night where our favorite sushi chef gave Teagan a free t-shirt! We got home where we had champagn and strawberry thingys (that I'll post the recipe for -yum!) and he gave me a gift of a bluetooth capable garmin (to save my and Teagan's life since I can finally be hands-free!). On Sunday I got two beautiful cards - one from Brett and one from Teagan:-) It was a wonderful weekend. Yet, my heart still ached for my good friends going throug infertility. A very good friend of mine for years now is doing her NINTH cycle this summer. Yes, 9!!!! I so badly want this for her and I thought about her constantly this weekend. Also , my mom kind of ruined things...but that is the usual, right?

So, I have to post this recipe...I kind of mix it up a bit since I had these at a dinner party last year and the woman who made them just told me what was in them, not how to mix it up...but they came out great..

Strawberry Cheesecake thingys

package of cream cheese (room temp)
3 Tbs confectioner's sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Cut the tops off and core the strawberries. In a mixer blend cream cheese and sugar and vanilla until mixed well. Put in a pastry bag or plastic bag with a corner cut off. Fill the strawberries. Thats it! You can dip them in graham cracker crumbs or add almonds or something but it is totally unnecessary.

I'll have pics and stuff soon. Life is busy.


Jill M. said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Snow, seriously?? Wow, your mom was b*tchy, geez! What is her problem? Your poor friend, 9 cycles, yikes! I don't even know her, but hope and hope this is her time!!!

PJ said...

Yuck snow!

Happy Mother's Day!

That recipe sounds yummy, doubt it's on my gestational diabetes food list, lol!

Libby said...

That's so cool that you finally had your own Mother's Day. It really is too bad that your mother couldn't enjoy it more. Sorry about that :(

And your friend...9...wow. But if I was independently wealthy, I'd be right there with her! Good for her for going the distance.

Stuffed strawberries...very intriguing. Yum :p

Kate said...

Damn your spoilsport of a mother, but glad your weekend was good despite the weather.

Lost in Space said...

Very belated, but Happy first Mother's Day!