Friday, February 19, 2010

40 weeks, 5 days and counting... (edited to add....)

Edited to add: OB's office called and I have an induction scheduled for Monday at 6pm...we are all hoping Teagan decides to make her appearance before then, but I feel better that she will be out and safe in 3 days time!!! how exciting!!!!

Still here. Yup. Teagan has absolutely no intention of leaving her cozy little home. I am now becoming a nervous wreck. Those of you who have been through a lot of this journey with me know that I am a serious worrier and that I've had some losses along the way. Well, apparently I did a pretty good job of pushing my fears aside by saying I just have to make it to 40 weeks...just 40 weeks, right? Well, now that's been pushed off to 41 weeks and my worrying has started. I know that the 40 week estimate is just that - an estimate. That normal gestational times are 38-42 being over 40 weeks is totally normal and okay for the baby. However, I worry. I worry that she will get caught up in the cord, I worry that the placenta will start to function less or the amount of amniotic fluid she has around her will start to shrink - all concerns that come up in situations where the baby stays in past 40 weeks. I am obsessing about kick counts and what the heck she is doing in there.

I will say that one myth has been busted. Babies do not slow down at the end. Mine is apparently a strong and active little bugger because she is kicking my butt, um, literally. I mean, when she starts moving, you can see her from across the room. She forces my belly out at odd angles, moves from side to side, moves her head around, hitting my cervix (which is great- helps effacement, but hurts!), my bladder, and, yes, even my butt. Ouch. I am so incredibly thankful for the strong movements but I think they are so strong because she should be out by now!

I am worried that my body is not willing to do what it needs to do. I worry because I was in a February due date group with over 25 women in it and all but 4 of us have given birth. I think me and two other women on the board were the only ones to go over our due dates. I know this is because almost all of them were induced or had c-sections for various reasons but it still makes me feel like I am being left behind or I should be insisting on being induced because I think they probably think I am crazy to let her stay in there so long. However, I know that especially with first time moms, 40 plus weeks is normal and that inducing increases your chances of fetal distress and a c-section. Don't get me wrong...if they tell me that I need a c-section for medical reasons, I will get one. If they say it is safest, etc...fine. But, a vaginal birth is healthier for mom and baby...particularly a natural here I sit, waiting.

Okay, I have a question for those of you who already have kids and breastfed...did your hospital supplement with formula? Did they insist on it? or, were you good with just feeding colustrum until your milk came in? I know colostrum is normal for babies for the first few days and has everything necessary for a baby to be healthy and grow in those first few days but lately people have been insisting that this isn't true and obviously you need to supplement in order to get the right amount of weight on your baby right away. I disagree and plan to tell my hospital that they are not to give her any formula, pacifiers, or bottles of any kind...but I'm curious what other people's hospital experiences were like. Um, if I ever actually do have this baby, the information might be helpful!


hil said...

I said no formula as long as his weight loss was within the accepted 10%. He was at 9% or so when my milk came in and we were both happy! I had a section so my milk arrival was a little delayed but he still held out fine.
Have a great delivery!

the Mom said...

My babies roomed in, and I exclusively breastfed in the hospital (and for a long time after that.) If you are worried about the hospital supplementing, then insist that either mom or dad goes everywhere that Teagan goes.

Don't worry about her being hungry, your colostrum will be enough. Don't let the hospital people tell you differently.

Kate said...

Sorry you're still waiting. They can always scan for fluid and blood flow from the placenta, or do a couple NSTs over the next few days before giving in and inducing. Around here they seem to go for induction once you get to 41 weeks.
I haven't had my baby yet, but I intend to insist on not supplementing my baby. The stomach's only the size of a marble at the beginning, and the colostrum should be enough to fill that (and give them all the necessary antibodies and nutrients). If my poor little boobs don't produce much colostrum or milk (though I hear size isn't everything, I haven't grown very much with the pregnancy), or she really drops a lot of weight fast, then I might consider it. But I'll try to avoid bottles at the start and either cup feed or finger feed if I do need to supplement.
Hope you go into labour on your own soon!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Remember this is your baby - be clear to the hospital staff your wishes - I have had three babies and breastfed each one without any formula, sugar water etc. Your body will provide what you baby needs. It is actually good for your milk supply to allow your baby to breastfed only. If you give your baby formula, sugar water she will less likely to want to suck at your breast, thus discreasing your supply. My milk always came in with 48 hours..Best to you - you will do great

Anonymous said...

Just be careful to make sure that she doesn't lose too much weight. I exclusively breast fed in the hospital, and, when we were discharged on day 2, he was right at having lost 8-9% of his birth weight. For some reason, what I produced those first few days wasn't enough for him and we had to go back to the hospital on day 3 with a mild case of jaundice due to dehydration that required UV light therapy. He had lost 1 lb from his birth weight, or about 15%. Based on talking with the NICU physician, you do not want billirubin levels to go very high -- the effects can be very severe. If we had supplemented just a little to get him through that initial period, we may have been able to avoid the jaundice and hospitalization. So please consider supplementation if it looks like she is losing too much weight.

Caroline said...

Hey Sue,
It's great to hear from you. I have been wondering if Tegan has been born or not?

It looks like we may be laboring around the same time!! I am starting my inducement in the hospital very early on Tuesday morning (they let us choose the date and we couldn't wait any longer than Tuesday)!

Do you know what they are doing for your inducement? I would love to discuss labor strategies for inducement with you. It seems like a bit of a different ball game to natural labor.
If you want to, feel free to drop me an email

Hope that you have some nice, relaxing things planned for the weekend!?

kayjay said...

My situation is a little different but I felt much the same as you did - no pacifiers and no formula either. However, we really did need them so I found myself using both. I am still not producing enough milk to feed both girls all day for all their feeds but the breast milk has definitely taken the place of much of the formula. As for the pacifiers, my girls are preemies and sucking on a pacifier helps them to learn the sucking reflex that should help with breast feeding. Just see what happens and evaluate whether or not you need either one or both and don't be too hard on yourself if you find that you need to use either one.

PJ said...

Monday is right around the corner!!! But yea, I hope it's before then too. But still, yay!

You'll be fine. :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

I agree with kayjay. The hospital will respect your wishes, but your plan should be just that- a plan. There are a ton of things that can happen in the hospital and at home (most commonly jaundice and weight loss >10%) that may cause your medical team to encourage formula. Know you can still always breastfeed, pump, and wean them off the formula when they are not jaundiced and have gained weight. It is all such a learning process. Sometimes breastfeeding isn't easy or you can't keep up with demand (even with the most committed mothers and all the lactation tips/tricks). I don't know any babies who stopped breastfeeding because they had formula or a pacifier. You just do the best you can. She'll be ok. So will you.

For me, I didn't need to supplement with formula. I did though nurse on demand, which meant every 1.5-2 hours. My milk came in within 24 hours with baby 1 and within 6 hours with baby 2. It was insane. Neither were jaundiced, but they did lose weight (6-8%). One tip was to eat protein and fat as that is what milk is protein and fat. I just didn't want to eat protein after delivery but the pedi encouraged it and high calories to help make "whole fat, the cadillac" of breastmilk instead of "skim". One took a paci the other took her fingers and they were both champion nursers and talked super early. Enough advice.

Hope she comes this weekend!

lastchanceivf said...

No advice obviously but just wanted to wish you the best of luck--and I hope she comes before an induction!

Rebecca said...

I wish you and Teagan a safe, healthy (and quick) delivery on Monday! I'll be thinking of you.

Lost in Space said...

So exciting to know that you have a date in sight. I'm really hoping you are too busy to update right now because you are in labor or have her in your arms...At any rate, can't wait to see her "on the outside" soon!