Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eventually everyone looks really preggo!

Doesn't she look pathetic? I feel like I need to go out and buy her something so she doesn't feel left out!

So this week was my big, "OMG I am huge" week. I went from a woman measuring on the small side to, "wow, that lady is really pregnant!" in a week. Here are some pics from this morning...35 weeks!!!!

(notice the cute little prairie dog pic in the background. I asked Brett for it for a baby's room last Christmas because it is our unofficial mascot from all those trips to Colorado!)
I had a ton more in my head to write about but I'll save it for later in the week. One of the major things is a discussion about diaper services v. home cloth diapering v. gDiapers v. disposable...I am sure it will be riveting.
In the meantime...I can't believe we are this far along! Seriously, I think it is just starting to sink in - it is probably a good thing pregnancy takes so long b/c I may have been in denial.


tiffany said...

You look beautiful and the baby roonm is perfect. Cheering you on in your final weeks.

Sky said...

Wow! Yeah, you are super BIG (belly only)!

And your pup is so cute - she always looks bummed out but I know those furkids of yours are living the best life ever!

Lost in Space said...

You look great, Sue. It really won't be long now!

She does look pathetic, probably wondering why those fun sounding baby toys aren't hers. (-;

sprogblogger said...

You look lovely - and I actually can't wait to hear your take on the diapering question!

PJ said...


I am actually really interested in what you have found out about diapering. I'm having that debate with myself these days.

I really like the stripes on the bottom half of the walls! I would love to see some more shots of the room. Another thing I've been pondering lately. :)

Happy 35 weeks!

Angie said...

Awww, you look great!!! She isn't as low as I imagined from the description in your last post!

Yes, the puppy looks like she is patiently waiting on something new for her! LOL

And I love the mascot ~ too cute :)

Oh, and about your diaper dilemma, have you asked on the board? I know shasta18 is using cloth....if you need any advice about it!

kayjay said... look adorable with your belly! Nope, there is no mistaking it now - you're definitely pregnant girl! I hear you about denial but you've got about 5 weeks to start getting used to the idea so start now!

Lake721 said...

Hi Sue, finally de-lurking from Georgia! I have followed your blog for a long time now (found it through one of the many others I keep up with). You look great! Just had to comment about the pup! We have a boxer as well, and a daughter (who turned 4 today)! They are best friends......boxers are absolutely awesome with babies/children. You are gonna love watching them play and grow together! Good luck during your last month of pregnancy!

Nikki said...

Wow! 35 weeks! Time flies!

Good luck over the next few weeks! Rooting you on!


Not Your Aunt B said...

Tick, tick, tick. She's almost done! I always looked my biggest right before they came. I love your boxer photos, please post more!

Caroline said...

Hi Sue,
It's great to see your photos. Your dog is so cute - How is she coping with the changes in the household?
You look wonderful although you still don't look that big to me! What is your due date? Ours is 19 Feb.

Jill M. said...

Yep, you have certainly grown since your last belly shot and there's no mistaken it, you are soooo pg! I wouldn't say you are huge, but that could change very easily over the next few weeks! ;-)

Wow, you are soooo close, I know that must be so surreal!

Hope in Virginia said...

You look TERRIFIC!!! And I love the colors in the nursery - looks like a difficult paint job!

Kris said...

You look adorable and glowing! And I love the prairie dog pic:)

DonnaPetit said...

Finally!! Your baby bump is bigger than your butt. You were the one that said your butt was big, not me!
You look beautiful! Nice maternity sweater :).

lastchanceivf said...

I guess eventually everyone does look pregnant (once they get pregnant, LOL) except those idiots on "I didn't know I was pregnant!" Ha. You look great!