Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This puppy needs surgery!

Just look at that pathetic face! See the bump on the side of his nose...think it is big in this pic? In the last week (since I took this picture) it has more than doubled in size!!! We had it biopsied last week and it is NOT cancer but since it is growing so fast (so much so that it is stretching the skin so much that it keeps reopening from the biopsy and bleeding everywhere), we will have to get my little man in for surgery...on Oct. 8th! Poor buddy. He'll be all handsome again soon!

Besides that, I feel movement! Lots and lots of movement! It is the coolest thing ever!!! I can't believe it b/c as you all saw, I am carrying her in my tushy...but the movement was in my belly! She is an active little thing and I thought it would be more subtle...but no, I feel her regularly though, of course, I can't discern what the pokes and nudges are, but there they are. It is finally very very real! I love it.


Not Your Aunt B said...

You'll know what is a foot or her head in no time! That's wonderful! It was one of my absolute favorite parts of being pregnant. And then they're born and you miss it or you'll watch them sleeping then think "Oh, that's what you were doing in there!"

Poor little guy. Hope his surgery goes well. That face is too cute.

Jill M. said...

Awwww, what a cute puppy face. Hope the surgery goes well.

So cool about feeling the baby move! I can't wait to be able to experience that! For now, I'll just have to experience it through you. Enjoy!

Amber said...

Look at that sad little face!!! I just want to kiss him on the nose! Glad the biopsy came back negative!

I bet you can't wait to have lil baby feet in your ribcage! lol

Kris said...

So sorry your pup has to have surgery. I hope it goes well:)

Congrats on the baby movement!! It is so fun to feel their little kicks amd movements. Every night I lay down I sit and watch my belly and all of hte movements before I drift of to sleep:) Enjoy!

Barefoot said...

So sorry about your puppy -- it's always so heartwrenching to have to bring a pet in for surgery. :(

Hooray for movement, though! It's so exciting and REASSURING.

Lost in Space said...

Awww, those eyes just melt my heart. Our pups have each had those kind of growths removed from eyelids and cheeks. Poor baby. I think he needs a treat. (-;

Congrats on feeling your little mover and shaker!

Anonymous said...

I hope your pup is okay! I cannot wait to feel some movement!

DAVs said...

Poor Pup! I have such a soft spot for animals...sometimes more than humans, yikes!
Happy to hear about all that movement!