Friday, September 26, 2008

Starting a blog

So, I've thought about it and thought about it and, though it may keep me from writing the Great American Novel in my spare time, I am starting a blog. It will probably be short, though I will try to keep it entertaining! It is mainly for those of you who I have told about our journey (and there have been many many of you) who are interested in keeping up with us as we travel across the country for one more (and hopefully our last) IVF!!! So, here it is. I have some work to do on it, so be kind, but I would also love some constructive criticism.

Here we go- I am three days into giving myself the first of many shots. I started lupron for a long protocol IVF cycle on Tuesday, September 23rd. I also started taking .5 mg of dexamethasone, which I have never done before. So, I'm not sure if it was the lupron dosage being higher than I am used to or this new medicine, but I am officially b*tchy already! I have a headache and have been sleeping terribly...but, strangely, I find this comforting since it has never happened before and maybe that means that it will work this time. I will take all the discomfort if we can come out of this with a beautiful baby (or babies!).

I am a few days away from a suppression check at my local RE and then I start stims, go for one more check up here at the end of next week and then hop on a plane to travel to Denver, CO for the rest of my cycle. I'll try to keep everyone informed...or no one if I get no visitors (hey, at least I'll be working on my own mental health!).


Houghton Crew said...

Hi Sue!! I continue to have you in my thoughts during this exciting time for us both--I wish you all the best with your "new and improved" IVF cycle! Hope you have a safe trip to Colorado and I'll continue to keep you and Brett in my prayers. Maybe we can connect when you get back!!
Love, Erin

Karen said...

Hi Sue,
I wish you all the best. Our positive energy will follow you through this journey. We will miss you greatly and look forward to your return. Safe travels to both of you. I look forward to following what we all hope will be a successful experience for you. Namaste, Karen