Tuesday, July 17, 2012

oh, and a few last pics:-)


Paula Keller said...

So cute!!! Wow, Teagan has grown!!!

Email me if you want to keep in touch via Facebook. :)

PBJmom said...

Oh my goodness they are cute! I'll miss your blog.

Anonymous said...

Adorable family Yoga Girl!! So glad to have met you online...I plan to keep my blog up and running and post when I can. Shoot me a comment or email at LisainSK@sasktel.net if you want to chat! Take care!!

Hope in Virginia said...

Hey Sue!!! So happy to hear from you and thrilled to see that life is so good (albeit crazy!). Love the adorable pictures. Going from 0 to 3 kids in such a short amount of time is sure to bring challenges, but sounds like you are all thriving. Yay!!! Hopefully you'll find time to post once in a while. I think I'm at about once a month these days!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful girls!!

I will miss your posts, but I totally understand. I do hope you continue to check in.

Rs To Gold said...

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